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Gardening for Health. Picture of an elderly caucasian male and female working in their garden.

Gardening for Health

Anybody who’s ever weeded a row of turnips, planted petunias, or mowed a thriving lawn knows that gardening can be hard work. That hard work pays off in more ways than having the best roses on the block or a tasty salad. Gardening in its various forms has a multitude of benefits: Increase hand strength, […]

Long-Term Happiness. Picture of an elderly caucasian smiling female in a wheelchair, being pushed by a younger smiling asian female.

Long-Term Happiness

What does it take to find long-term happiness? This is a question many people may ask themselves. Is happiness the new car, finally owning our own home, having the perfect job, or having a million dollars in the bank? Harvard has one of the longest studies, the Harvard Study of Adult Development[1]. The study started […]